I know, you hate all those 'drawing basics' sections, and tend to skip right over them. BUT HUMOUR ME. It took me years to figure out these simple rules on my own. Save yourself years by taking a few minutes to read down through them.

RULE #1:

Define your space, then divide it. Let me say that again. DEFINE YOUR SPACE, THEN DIVIDE IT. What this means in practice is that you draw from the outside in. The first lines you sketch should define the outer edges of your subject. Then you delineate the various surfaces and features within this form. For example, never start a drawing of a face by drawing one eye, then the other, then the nose, hairline, mouth ect. (sound familiar to anyone? Textbook margin doodles!) Instead, you draw the basic form of the head, then set the forms and features within that context.

RULE #2:

SKETCH YOUR SUBJECT USING SIMPLE SHAPES. Anything can be drawn using only blocks, cylinders, and spheres. This is particularly true of figure drawing, but it applies no matter what your subject. Whether you're drawing a Ferrari, a face, or a hand wielding a plasma pistol, break it down into parts and sketch them as simple shapes first.

RULE #3:

ALWAYS USE A RUBBER... Eraser, that is. I used to think that erasing lines was like cheating. Ha! That delusion held me back for years. Sketching and erasing guide lines is an integral part of drawing. Even the pros do it. In fact, the pros do it a lot...

All right, I know, enough already. LET'S DO THAT BISHOUJO THING!